Monday, June 12, 2006

Fantasy Air Allegro 2000F:: My first Cross Country

The day has come. I'm sitting here in a hotel room in Sansford, North Carolina. I had the chance to fly a very neat aircraft that most of you have never heard of (yeah, even you Mike).

Fantasy Air is a Czech Republic built LSA (light sport aircraft). When I think of flight sport I think of a little wanna-be aircraft that can go about 60 KIAS. I was wrong. This sucker can cruise at about 115 KIAS. The cabin width is wider than a 172, and even better, My uncle bought the first one in the US that's amphibious!

The ampib adds alot of drag, cruise is only about 80 KIAS.

I went up with one of Fantasy Air USA's instructors. My uncle was building his 10 horus for insurance, so Ed let me take a wheeled version up. The controls feel a bit different, the control stick is in the middle, with a bicycle like break on the handle. Rudder effectivness is VERY strong, more than likley do to the composite like feuselage that lets all the prop wash hit the veftical stabilizer.

Anyways, I flew the thing fine, I think Ed was impressed, even though my landing wasn't my best (that sucker is alto different than a C172!)

I'll have more on my journey later.



Blogger Tim said...

sounds like a nice plane.....

just found this blog, very interesting.... I was really into flight sim growing up, and it's what got me into aviation.... now i'm going to college at indiana state university doing the professional pilot program and i'm getting ready to get my commercial....

good luck and i'll be checking in!

9:37 AM  
Anonymous zylhuette said...

Nice never heard that craft either but nice flying.

3:47 AM  
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