Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Things are going great!

I've been so busy with flying and getting done with school, along with the other average things in life, that I haven't had a chance to update by Blog each flight...sorry, I know it's a real pitty for yall. Because I'm about 4 flights behind, I'll catch up in one blog. I'll also do it in a Chris Berman "Two Minute Drill" fashon

Let's see here....Stalls went great. I felt like I really got the hang of them. Next flight. my Brother, Blake, came along with me. He had a blast while I did some IFR hood work and show a couple landings. The next flight we did Ground Refecne Manuvers...they were FUN! Shot a great landing to close the day with a smile....Flight Training couldn't be better as of now.

I'm happy to say that life as a whole is about the same way. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! And Friday (along with another flight) I'll be heading down to the lake for some relaxing time with the Humphreys family....should be a blast.

I also now have sitting in my E-mail box a plane ticket for Orlando, FL. As well as Raleigh Durham. Why? Because I'm going with my Unlce to pick up his new Fantasy Air Allegro 2000F. I'll have to details on this when I'm not quite as tired!

Talk to you guys next week when I get back from the lake.



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