Sunday, April 09, 2006

What's going on.....

What all is on my plate, real world and sim world? Well....since you asked!

-VERTatc- My ATC program for VERTva is picking back up and getting some help from fellow VERT members, You won't want to miss some of the next activities that VERT is putting on. They're gunna be great!

-Video Production- I just put out my HC412 video, as you may know. It's had over 300 hits in one week over at Hovercontrol in the video section. I consider this a pretty cool deal to get that many hits on a video....I'm pretty proud and it makes me want to keep making them...Ironically the soundtrack for my next video just came on my iPod! It will be featuring Eaglesoft's Cirrus SR20. I'm trying to think of some good shots to get on this video, but I really just want to capture the full amount of features that this aircraft has to offer.

I'm also maybe looking into expanding my little "Senior Last Summer Video Productions" to something bigger, with a couple of team members and a full web-site, some parters with payware companies, things like that. If I got financial backing for it it might kick off, but until I get financial backing (Yea right) then it will just be me and wherever I can upload it!

On the more real world side of things...though still sim related. My next computer will be an iMac G5! Apple released Bootcamp, a program that allows an intel based Mac to run Windows (no, it's not a's actually two partitions with two operating systems). I wanted to make sure FS would run well on it before I considered it. Thankfully, I ran across a picture of someone with FS running on an iMac! With 85FPS in Seattle! I'll take two please!!!

I love Mac's (I know....don't hit me please!) everyone in my family has one besides me! And I feel left out!! hehe! They really are great machines, easy to work with, has great performance, less hassle, looks badass!....did I mention it will run Flight Simulator?

Flight Training should start up pretty soon now, just a couple more weeks! May is going to be a great month for me, I actually might be going to South Carolina with my uncle and pick up his new Czeck Republic built Fantasy Air Allegro
that looks much like this (yes...floats!) This isn't a for sure thing yet, I might be too busy with school, but if all goes well I'll be flying it back....maybe.

That's all for now! Be looking for my new video soon.


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