Friday, March 03, 2006


Man! I had a blast and a half a HAI's Heli-Expo! Dad and I went down there Sat. and that night we met Mike at GKY, He gave us an aiport tour. I saw some very interesting things, like 3 cessna's (one 172 and two 182's) with the Garmin G1000 diplays!

I also saw a few other pretty sweet aircraft in the Harrison Hangar

Man! CJ1's are swweeeeet!

Once we got to Expo we met up with Paul, Jordan, and Behr. I also got the chance to meet Scott Westbrook, He's an HC staff member and currently works for Bell Helicopter's training facility. He was busy at the Bell exibit, and Behr wasn't with us for this shot.

Paul Robinson-Jordan Moore-Mike Parker-Me

We saw some very impressive helicopters that were on exibit. I'll have most of my pictures up on my Photobucket. You might also want to check around the HC forums for some good conversations about the Expo.

Now, If you don't really think that Flight Simulator helps in real world flying, look at this. This picture below is of Flight Saftey Simulation's S-70 sim. Remember that I've never even flown in a real helicopter before. I hop in this thing and besides the collective feeling a little different, and some other little things, I flew the hawk good enough that the guy starting giving me failures. I felt like I did pretty good! Mike tried it and landed safely the first time!

You cannot deny, after flying in that sim that the home desktop flight simulator helps build skills for the real world. When the guy gave me an engine fire I knew to reach back for the fire bottles, when he failed my tail-rotor I automatically tried to find the right spot for my collective to be. Yes, I know it's still a simulator, and no computer can give you that gut feeling, But it gives you experience, and every pilot in the world knows that experience is knowledge, and can save your life.


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Yes, HEI was an awesome time and the S-70 sim was definately a great learning experience. I confirmed the fact that I want to learn to fly helicopters just for the fun of it, not as a carreer. Landing safely while always nice isn't good enough for me, I still bounced hard enough to bruise a kidney and was so far off the helipad that the zip code changed (I was still on the ramp so that was cool). Thanks for posting the pics Ross and thanks for a great time at HEI and at the airport.

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