Thursday, January 05, 2006

New York, New York!

Yes, that's me
Note that Finney did the above helicopter for me several months ago, what a joy to see it in person! you can get the paint (For Owen's model/DODOSIMS as well) at Finney's Repaints.

My trip was AMAZING! I had a blast with the family and it was just an all around dandy time. We saw 4 broadway shows, did all the sightseeing, toured Yankee Staduim (go Yanks!) and yes, went to all three major heliports! I only got to see action at one of them though, it was MVFR most of the time, with a tailwind while landing Downtown or 34th, so no traffic when I went, but 30th was PACKED! I got some great pics as you can see! Remember, this is as close to a helicopter as I've ever been, And what a treat! I'll have more pictures up on the Photobucket later in the week.

BREAKING NEWS...For me at least.



You can find information (and gossip!) at all your local and international FS sites...enjoy!


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