Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I Got My Medical!

Well it's finally done. No more worrying if I'm healthy enough to fly, now I know I can and I have a student pilot's certificate only signed by my AME and me!

Airman's signature
Ross Fischer

I'm an airman? In 6 months and about 29 days I'll be a pilot? In a month or two I'll be in control of an myself? This is crazy...and yet I can't wait!!

Flight Simulation doesn't have to be my goal now. I no longer have to make the sim "as real as it gets" cause it just got more real! I've never had the responsibilty of my life and the lives of others in my hands in the sim...This is totally different. A new favorite quote from my uncle is "it's not like flying a computer!" And it's not. I have to treat it like it isn't, I have to act like I don't know what everything is, or how everything works. Cause in reality, I don't.

I think that's the mentality that will keep me out of danger...Don't get cocky don't know everything.....heck, you don't know anything yet!


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