Sunday, December 11, 2005

You Gotta love It

Christmas is almost here. School is almost done, one more week and a couple of more days!

So what's new with me? Well, I went ahead and got Eaglesoft's Cirrus SR20..What a plane! I'll be doing a video for it in the future. I'd have to say it's not Eaglesofts greatest accomplishmet, I still think they're CX was their best model for the time, but they still have accomplished plenty in the Cirrus design, I personally wish the Avidyne MFD would be fully functional, But they have said they will contiue to deveop the avionics.

I'm also getting back into video productions...I'm doing one right now for the 412, and I've done a special one for the VERT variants. Check it out here. I just recently got Active Camera for some better shots! So far it's been a good product...but plenty more to learn about it.

VERTEX Is my top priority right now, I'm eager to see how it will go. I honestly don't think there will be a HUGE turnout, but we'll still have a blast doing it. It will be VERTatc's first action in a while, So that should be interesting!

Here are my next buys for the sim....maybe I should ask for them for Christmas?

Chelan Municipal by Georender

And Dreamfleet's Baron 58!

Well.... Ta Ta for now...I'll catch up to you guys later. Meanwhile feel free to post some comments, or you can YIM me at Drumnfool824.


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