Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Well I's finally here! It's pretty busy around here, getting ready for Christmas dinner with the family, all 41 of them! We're also putting together the anual Humphreys Family Calendar. My bro is doing the Photoshop work for it, Mom's the organizer, and I'm the tech nerd that has to fix the problems! It's not bad though...I just sit in front of a different computer and watch the pages print...

Meanwhile, in the Sim World, VERTEX is going well. We're having exactly the number of people i thought we'd have....3-4 online each night, with more participating offline. It's gone well and ends tomorrow.
I'm working on getting all my payware back in the sim, and then backing up all of the keys and such so i don't have to go through this again! I just got my PMDG 1900's in, just about all my Flight1 stuff, and I've for sure got my Eaglesoft and Dreamfleet stuff in! I'm loving ESDG's Cirrus SR20. I think I'm gunna hold off on the 22 until AFTER the update that they're doing for the 20 to give it some of the same features of the 22 (like more interiors, factory paints). Mike is getting the 22 after he gets his new XPS (lucky!) so he can let me know how it flies! He's gunna have to give me a head start when we fly together in our Cirrus' (or is it Cirri?). Speakin' of Mike, He might be coming up to Oke City Monday, if we're not busy we might get to meet.......oh no!!! LOL!

Once January rolls around, and I get back form vacation, I'm going to take my medical and get rolling (pun intended) on flight training. I'm oh so ready for it! I've got the ol' Flight1 172R out of the hangar for some great flights, getting ready for he real stuff, I think F1 did a great job on their model. I know how good it REALLY is in a couple of weeks...when I get in the real thing.

Merry Christmas! Have a great New Year!


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