Friday, November 18, 2005

What's Goin Down

So I've known I've wanted to start training for a couple years now. But now I get a chance to actually do it. I'm only 16, so the age limit was really the only thing holding me back (FAA Regs say you have to be 17 to obtain a PPL, and 16 to get your medical). My flight school advised me to wait till I was about 16 and a half to start training, this would give me the right amount of time to effeciently (both in the air and finacially) pass my checkride.

My Training:

If you look at the site of the school, You'll see that I'm training on some sweet, new(er) C172's. I'll be using CBI (Computer Based Instruction) for my ground school cirriculum. In other words, instead of the traditional, take a class for gound school...all of it at once, then go flying 6 months after you took the classes, I will be taking, on my computer, a lesson or two each week, then when I'm done with that lesson I'll go in the air and perform the manuvers that were covered in the lesson. This is much quicker (and less expensive) than traditional training.
Speaking of expensive, you're probably wondering how much this is gunna cost, and how I'm paying for it. They say it will cost in the ballpark of $6,000. This depends on how effeicent I learn everything (That's where FS comes in). My awesome parents will aid in the finance section, as long as I be a good little boy and keep my grades up. I'll be paying for as much as I can, but school comes first, which means I can only have a job in the summer. I have a feeling I'll be turning into a "ramp-rat" (like Mike!) to help pay for some flights!

Meanwhile, While I paitently wait for January to roll around, I'll just keep flying on the sim and keep those grades up! Hard work pays off!
Hard work isn't just for school, I'm actually trying to work hard in the sim as well. I'll only be flying VERY realistic flights from now on. I'm trying to cut down on the helicopter flying, don't worry, I'll still fly helos, just not as much. Right now I'm having fun flying my PMDG 747 around the world. This thing is SICK!!!! It's so real! Yet I do know that I won't be flying 747's for a while, so I'll be doing many flights in the pattern with my Flight1 Cessna 172 (I gotta find it's on one of these disks!)
No matter what I fly, the important thing is to keep it as real as possible. I'll be working on setting up my flight's BEFORE I turn on the sim, and look into airport information, as well as weather and TFR's (virtual ones...of course!)
That's all for tonight, I think I'm gunna take my 747 up for some touch up's with the FMC and approaches. I got it into Oke City a couple of night ago, had to do it "Iron Knuckes" though, I think I messed up the FMC!


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