Thursday, November 17, 2005

First Things First

Let me introduce myslef. My name's Ross, and I'm a sophmore in highschool that loves aviation. I'm a born and raised Oklahoman...and I love mexican food.

I created this blog to share my experiences while I travel through probably the most memorable time of my life....No...not my adolesence, that would bore you, I'm talking about training to become a pilot....a real one.
I've wanted to fly as far back as I can remember. My Grandpa was a Piper Cub pilot in WWII (battle of the buldge) and later he owned a C172 that he used for his buisness, He's been a big influence on my life. "I miss two things in life. I miss jogging, and I miss flying airplanes" is a popular quote that I hear quite often from my 83 year old Grandpa. I can't wait to take him up with me!
I really began my urge to get in the air when I first heard about this little "game" called Microsoft Flight Simulator. Most of you have heard of this game, due to the fact that most of you know me because of this game. Flightsim has brought me closer to real world pilots, as well as real world aircraft. Aircraft like the DODOSIM Bell 206, the PMDG 747, and the Flight1 Cessna 172, just to name a few, that have gone past normal flightsimming, and into a virtual reality where you can mentally do everything just like the real deal, but you still miss out on the physical feeling.
This blog will help you see how I get past the simulator and start my career. No doubt, you will see how the simulator and the connections that I have made with the simulator will help me in my training.

Please keep in touch with this blog. I'll be updating everytime I get into the air (or when I feel like it)

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Welcome to the dark side of the web, Ross!

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