Saturday, November 19, 2005

Ahh....Saturday Morning!

After a long hard week full of wierd, imaginary well as radicals that don't make any logical sense whatsoever, I'm ready for some flyin!

I took my PMDG 747-400 up for some approach work. I'm glad it's a sim and I don't have to pay for operating costs. Last nights main objective was mainly approaches, and setting up the FMC for a proper one. The FMC is fairly new in FS, and it's spankin new to me. I've only used the ESDG's FMC that is in the Citation X, and it is far from fully functional. The 747's FMC is a work of art. I almost feel like I could hop in a 747-400 and preflight it (I think the FAA/CIA/FBI/NTSB wouldn't like it though!)

3 round trips from Oke City down to Dallas using the "BOWIE 2" (8 is now current, but my FSNAV is old ;-) ) definatly got me in some good approach time. I think I'm almost ready for one of those long flights...where you go to sleep once you reach cruize altitude, then you wake up and the sim is perfectly paused at your TOD. But I think I'll wait a bit. "Virtual United Airlines" might not be happy seeing one of thier prized aircraft being flown so badly!

Now it's off to my other training objective....Cleaning my room...."If you cant keep you room clean...then how will you be responsible enough to fly planes?" I'll give you one guess who I'm quoting....yep....My wonderful mother.

I will leave you with this though. It's a Podcast, and the author is an airline captain that brings his recorder with him on flights. He cover's the commercial airline industry from the pilot's and FA's point of's pretty cool!

Fly With Joe


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